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England v Scotland – Wednesday 14th @ 3pm

Wednesday’s game will be shown live in the Football Factory at Legends, W 33rd b/w 5th and Broadway. 3pm KO.

Brooklyneers, it’ll also be on at your borough’s two Scottish pubs: Isle of Skye (Williamsburg, Driggs b/w N 9th and N 10th) and the recently-opened Duke of Montrose (Park Slope, 5th Avenue & Bergen St). I’m told Brooklyn is in the same time zone as Manhattan so that would also make it a 3pm KO.

Who remembers this? I know I do.

Scottish Trivia Night on August 1st

Other trivia nights just can’t compete!

“General Trivia with a Scottish tinge” on Thursday 1st August, 8.30pm at the Isle of Skye bar in Williamsburg (Driggs between N 9th and N 10th St).

Scottish Trivia Night

Will Big Eck celebrate your win too?

Hosted by Morrison Bowmore. Prizes possibly whisky-tinged, too.

See you there.

Countdown to Copa: David Sheridan Player Profile


David Sheridan doesn’t read books and plays soccer like Bobo Balde. You decide which is the bigger crime against humanity in our next Countdown to Copa.

David’s profile is sponsored by the Down Under Bakery, maker of fantastic meat and veggie savory pies. Get a dozen delivered to your home or visit the DUB Cafe at 211 Prospect Park West (corner of 16th Street) in Brooklyn.

Launching a precision cross – straight into an English face [Photo courtesy of David Hogarty]

How old are you? 19

Where did you grow up? Glasgow

Who was your favourite player as a boy? Henrik Larsson

Who’s your favourite player now? Lionel Messi

What do you do for a living? Student

Which team(s) do you support? Celtic

Scotland will win Cosmos Copa 2013. Who will come second? Maybe NYC Poland

Which well-known player do you think you’re most like? With my immense trickery and attacking skills I would say Messi or Ronaldo but other people have compared me to a young Bobo Baldé due to the occasional dodgy pass

Do you prefer Ronaldo or Messi? Messi

What’s your favourite Scottish band? Not a band but Calvin Harris

What’s the last book you read? What’s a book?

What’s your favourite drink? Anything non-alcohlic because I’m an athlete! [Ed: we know this is a lie] 

Countdown to Copa: Nathan Stockie Player Profile

Today’s Countdown to Copa victim is Nathan Stockie, who’s unique in two ways: (1) He’s the only American-born player in our squad and (2) He’s not actually in our squad. Why? Because he broke his arm just as our Copa training got going, and that’s a big problem for a goalie.

But Nathan’s helping out on the sidelines and has promised to steal us lots of free soccer gear from his employer (*) who we aren’t naming because they won’t cough up any sponsorship cash! [Note to Nathan's employer: I made this bit up, honest.]

Nathan’s profile is actually sponsored by the Isle of Skye Scottish Pub – an authentic Scottish bar in the middle of Williamsburg and scene of this famous rendition of Loch Lomond by the NYC Scotland squad!

Born in the USA!

How old are you? 22

Where did you grow up? Beaumont, Texas. Howdy!

Who was your favourite player as a boy? Craig Gordon, despite his history as a yam

Who’s your favourite player now? Stuart Holden, Scots-American

What do you do for a living? Student

Which team(s) do you support? Hibees

Scotland will win Cosmos Copa 2013. Who will come second? I’d like to say USA

Which well-known player do you think you’re most like? A hybrid of Schmeichel and Casillas

Do you prefer Ronaldo or Messi? Messi by far, won’t see him gettin an Oscar for playin football

What’s your favourite Scottish band? Honestly been in the States my whole life, can’t really recall any, The Proclaimers, they do a version of Sunshine on Leith. [Ed: we're pretty sure it's the original?]

What’s the last book you read? The Wallace

What’s your favourite drink? A nice cold Coke or Corona

Come to our Scottish Football Pub Quiz!

How much do you know?

Find out in the 2013 NYC Scotland Football Trivia Quiz.

I've no idea what this photo's about but her dad used to ask hard questions on TV

I’ve no idea what this photo’s about but her dad used to ask hard questions on TV

From Aberdeen to Annan, from Ormond to Strachan, from Shankly to Fergie… are you as smart as you think you are?

Join our quiz night and find out, while helping raise funds for the NYC Scotland squad in the 2013 Cosmos Copa.

Thursday 13th June from 7.30pm until 9.30pm or so.

A great new Scottish pub: The Isle of Skye, on Driggs Avenue between N 9th and N 10th in Williamsburg (click for the Google Map). Just round the corner from the Bedford Avenue L (the first stop in Brooklyn). Belhaven on tap!

Enter as a team, with as many or as few as you like.
We’ll have eight rounds of questions on different topics, mostly related to Scottish football but with a few extras to test your mettle.

Pride! Show you’re smarter than your mates.

Yes, we’ll have prizes!

Many bottles of some of Scotland’s fine whiskies.
Pies from Down Under Bakery, New York’s finest pie shop.
And a few other goodies too… come along and find out what.

Guaranteed a good time, and how often can you say that about Scottish football?

Follow NYC Scotland on Facebook or twitter (@NYCScotland).

Croatia v Scotland live at Legends

Croatia v Scotland will be live in the Football Factory at Legends, with a 2.15pm kickoff this Friday (7th). Sorry I forgot to post this earlier!

Legends is on W 33rd between 5th and Broadway. Close to almost every subway, Penn Station, and the PATH. No excuses!



NYC Scotland 2 – 3 NYC Holland

Some Dutch people

This is what Dutch people look like

A clinical NYC Holland side gained revenge for their nation’s 1978 World Cup humiliation at the hands of Gemmell, Dalglish, and co. with a 3-2 win over NYC Scotland in Brooklyn on Sunday.

And just like in their previous game against England, it was generous defending that was the downfall of the Scots on a sweltering sunny day.

The Dutch had done their homework on Scottish football: coach Iwan Vandervinne said they had watched several youtube reruns of that bit in “Trainspotting” where Archie Gemmell scores just as Mark Renton is having it off.

But in the first minute it was more like 1982 vs. Russia than 1978 vs. Holland when two right-footed defenders playing on the left side of defence combined in tragic fashion to leave Mick Soepboer with an easy one-on-one against a helpless Malky Anderson.

After this shaky start the Scots came strongly back into the game, steadied by the presence of big Adam “Mitch” Mitchison at the back alongside half-his-age-but-twice-as-good-looking Calvin Moyes.

Soon the Scottish midfield started moving the ball around the field and behind the Dutch defence, and Scott Cowan earned a deserved equaliser as he finished a fine passing move with a left-foot strike across the goal.

The Scots fairly dominated the play for a while but didn’t convert this into clear-cut chances or goals, so the teams went into half-time level.

The Dutch regrouped somewhat during the break, but the Scottish side still had the better of the play and this time converted it into a lead as Glen Reid tucked one past the keeper from the edge of the box.

But the Scots failed to hold on to the advantage, with some skilful work by the Oranje select ending with a tasty Hans Ingram strike to level the score.

Play opened up as both teams tired. Scotland had a few near-misses, but right at the death a failure to properly clear a Dutch corner left Nick Jansen with the ball at his feet a few yards out – and he tucked it away for a 3-2 win to the Oranje.

“We willen klompen en jurk in oranje te dragen,” said NYC Holland coach Vandervinne, who was wearing some kind of bionic knee implement during the match. “Kaas is onze favoriete eten en we ook graag pottenbakken en tulpen. Maar we houden niet van Duitsers!”

“I don’t stereotype people,” said NYC Scotland president Colin Reid. “But we played some real Dutch-style total football out there and deserved at least a draw against this race of giant blond Europeans.”

After the game, both squads headed to the nearby Isle of Skye pub (*) where the Scots explained how Dennis Bergkamp is named after Denis Law and that Queen’s Park invented the passing game in the 19th century, while the Dutch talked about their plans to visit Brazil for the World Cup next year.

NYC Scotland: Malky Anderson, David Sheridan, Mark Wilson, Calvin Moyes, Adam Mitchison, Alex Pole, Scott Cowan, Glen Reid, David Laird, Scott Lamont, Robbie Weir, Rory McCann, Mike McLaren, Niall Gordon.

Next up for NYC Scotland is a pair of games against Argentina and Uruguay on Randalls Island Field #74 from 3pm to 5pm on Sunday 9th June.


(*) The Isle of Skye is a great Scottish pub in Williamsburg (Driggs Av b/w N 9th and N 10th). We’re having a quiz night there on Thursday 13th – come and enter!